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Australian Mercy

Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd (Australian Mercy) is the Mercy Ministries arm of Youth With A Mission Australia.


We are a registered Australian charity and have offices in many parts of the world.


Australian Mercy is dedicated to reaching out to the poor and the needy of the world wherever they may be found. We run mercy ministries projects both within Australia and overseas.


Australian Mercy has a wide variety of programs some of which include;


  • Training people to work with the poor through a variety of innovative training programs.
  • Fundraising for, and provision of financial assistance to selected projects amongst the poor.
  • Provision of emergency aid.
  • Initiation of projects amongst the poor.
  • Educational sponsorships to children in poverty.
  • Establishment and maintenance of primary health care projects in poor communities.
  • Micro enterprise projects.


Poverty is a trap that people find very hard to break out of. The world’s poorest families are the ones who have the worst health care, the lowest standards of education and the highest child mortality rates. They often earn meager wages and are easily exploited. At ARMS we think that this is not good enough and we are seeking ways in which we can positively affect poor communities through innovative ideas and creative kindness.


We are a Christian Aid and Development Organisation that seeks to reach out to the poor and the needy with the love and compassion of God. We hope that the things we do will reflect the faith we have in Jesus.